In the News: Check out Sallie Ann Robinson in the Media

Sallie Ann Robinson is the mind behind She has built a reputation for herself as her career progress throughout the years. Due to her success, she has been in reputable magazines, blogs, and big company videos.

Dixie Divas: Sallie Ann Robinson (Interviews with GPB in 2008.)

Sallie Ann had an interview with GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting) back in 2008. In the interview, she introduced herself and showed off some of her more popular dishes.  In the cooking portion of the interview, she showed off her smuttered shrimp and grits.

Chef Sallie Ann Robinson to appear on ‘Bizarre Foods’ on Monday (Savannah now interview 2012)

This is an article about Sallie Ann written in 2012. The article is about Sallie Ann appearing on the Travel Channel for “Bizarre Foods.” The article also talks about what she thinks the show “Bizarre Foods.”

In the interview, she shows Andrew Zimmerman the church she grew up in. She also showed him the school that opened up her mind to leave Daufuskie island.

Sallie Ann Robinson on Daufuskie Island (Columbia Museum of Art)

This is the audio of Sallie giving a presentation about Daufuskie Island at the Columbia Museum of Art.  She breaks down her history and how she would be in a museum.

Popular Chef and Author Sallie Ann Robinson (Hilton Head Monthly article)

Sallie Ann appeared in the Hilton Head monthly on February 27, 2017. The article was titled “Popular Chef and Author Sallie Ann Robinson” and it was about Daufuskie island and Sallie Ann past. She tells them about how she loved her childhood and why Daufuskie island is so unique.

ORIGINAL SC | Gullah Chef Sallie Ann Robinson (Interview with South Carolina ETV)

Interview on March 8, 2017, Sallie Ann goes more in the depth about her past. She talks about growing up on Daufuskie and she shows off things in her past.  She also explains how cook became her passion while preparing to cook the video.