Hello All

I am Sallie Ann Robinson, six-generation Gullah and native American born on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina. As I have promised myself that one day I will move back home, I am back, and PROUD to be on the very soil of ancestor of long ago.  For me, there is no place like HOME.

Being a native Daufuskian has given me so much to be thankful for because of the folks and my up bringing that helped made it all possible. As a child growing up on Daufuskie I learned so much from stories from folks about my ancestors, food, their struggle, things that use to be on the Island and folks that was apart of it all.

I have great pride and respect for the things that was passed down to me and today I am passionate about the many hats I wear because they for fill my inter spirit and sooths my soul. Back in the day time was hard and folks had very little but they never gave up because failing was not apart of their struggle and it took more than wanting but succeeding.

This journey I am on is to carry the torch and share the love because I was raised to be caring and do my best. I am a Gullah Chef, Council woman on Daufuskie board, CNA, author, historian, motivational speaker, native tour guide, mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend and more. I never imagined when I left home at a young age for a higher education that I would miss the simply but tough way of life.

I want to thank each and everyone that has and will touch my life and I look forward to seeing you on beautiful Daufuskie or on the mainland for some food and or good ole fashion fun with me the Gullah Diva.